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Bye bye Sri1

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Disciples have to believe these reports about Sri having sex MUST BE FALSE for it would destroy their faith -shortcircuiting their inner system- and leave their own lifeboat in heaviest weather… It totally contradicts with their internalised believe that he indeed was one real "Godrealised Master" or even the "Avatar of the Era". SO they don´t want to read it, let alone absorb this part of experience. They need an excuse to do so so they will say it´s false because of revenge or -as usual- believe that these honest people who spoke up are being possessed by an "hostile force"...
Some special soul-fragrance!
It's empowering to read into the personal stories. It does reveal we were INSIDE A CULT. While a disciple i didn't agree on that view, i also was defending 'my Guru'. I did participate on strength of my own free will. I went for it, put a lot of effort in and experienced results. But i was well away from the man. From insiders who were closer we learn quite different stories! While a disciple i translated a 'book' called "14 American mothers and 14 American daughters with Sri Chinmoy" in which he states that family didn't have to be renounced. In reality he was not so straight, often showing very different faces and contradicting this propagated view to the outside world. Also when one was feeling high on meditation, one wished to stay in that state. Me myself took more distance from my family. Actually i used being in the Chinmoy movement to establish this. For me that was not a bad thing to do, breaking limiting habits. Ai i remember back then my mother asked me if Sri Chinmoy was having sex (with disciples). I said: "no no no". But she turned out to have right intuition after all...

For me being in an outside ring it was not so much an issue. But from many reports coming from closer disciples i learn that Chinmoy did behave sectarian. Like forcing people to stay, with i must say serious threats. Also quite easily threatening to order them to go if they did not please him: obey to his dictates. Now looking back and reading other's stories i surely notice dictatorial behavior. Once you really surrendered your life to this path, you became dependant on it for living and then leaving is far from an easy option. Actually being a disciple made one more and increasingly dependent instead of more liberated!!

One thing i also destilled from the postings is that exdiciples should have SELF-CONFIDENCE. Instead of believing that all good things were happening because of their guru. Reflects about it: it´s your intention and very own aspiration behind it. I cannot say he didn´t help sometimes but giving all the credit to him seems sincerely insane. Claiming fruits for yourself is no stupid ego-act. It's part of a healthy personality!

And he took CREDIT FOR EVERYTHING. Always only his name was printed and pronounced, instead of "Sri C. and his (chosen) disciples". So hardly affirming that almost all was indeed in reality a joint production. Actually disciples did so much so much for him! But asking for some normal acknowledgement was only ego-speaking in this twisted part of his philosophy. Only to outside people he did that a lot, writing songs for them and so. To grow his reach. Now i do think that playing guru is the ultimate egotrip… Just forget about it…

It seems like our Sri was not egoƮstic because he did officially not accept any credits himself: offering everything to the Supreme. But looking sharper into it: it was stated as 'the Supreme in and through' him: Sri Chinmoy. He was an individual man with a body. And mind and vital indeed. And divine ego?

If you fell for THE INITIAL ASSUMPTION: Chinboy being a "Fully Realised Godrealised Master" then you will view all of his behavior through this dogmatic belief. Everything will allways be your faults. Quite immature! And untrue too.

What about "false light"? Well his job of manifestation was not against the rulers of this world. He was always smiling with them, hardly criticism uttered there. Also not much analysis of worldly matters. Only in some extremely general terms like "ignorance" and 'hostile force'.
His vision was a ONENESS WORLD. We should think about it: yes USE YOUR MIND: that is an important part of being an aspiring human. Looking closer into this: he in was in line with the powers that be...
Looking back and thinking for myself (one another very important aspect in the real spiritual life) i think it is impossible to take ultimate RESPONSABILITY for another soul. One can try to do so (for some time), but that indeed requires surrender from that soul! But ultimately it is impossible and therefore a 'spiritual' lie to me. I think Chinmoy was caught into this particular belieftrap himself, leading to becoming more and more demanding.

At official Chinmoysites (from followers) the subject of sex doesn't get much attention (just 'get over it').

Ghose says "quack":
“The Guru has to be a perfect example of what he teaches. His outer being has to be the perfect example of what he is saying. Otherwise he is not a Guru.... The responsibility of a Guru is tremendous. If the Guru is not a perfect example of his teachings, then he is not a true Guru. He is what in the medical world they call a “quack” (in Ross, 2003d).

"So-called human weaknesses are one thing; but if the Master indulges in lower vital life, sex life, then that Master is very bad and you have to leave him" (Chinmoy, 1985).
I don’t know where this specific quote comes from. However celibacy was a strict rule, he put people out of the meditationcentre if they did not obey this rule. According to his own definition he is indeed a false master.

Was Chinmoy a fraud? Debunkers easily think: yes, of course. The truth is not that simple to me: it is more than just yes or no. I had some impressive experiences 'under his guidance'. That doesn´t imply that his philosophy nor his life was perfect. Far from it!! But he was a kind of spiritual bigshot after all that accomplished more than most in his life, look at his C.V. However i do agree with the view that true spirituality is about pure quality, not so much emphasis at quantity which was indeed the case.

TRUE OR FALSE? It's not as black/white-dogmatic as people tend to believe. What is important to me is that the testimonies add up to a CONSISTENT STORY. If you are new to this i suggest you print it out and allow yourself time to digest this. That is if you want to know it. If you want to protect your perfect image of Chinmoy, you are of course free to do that. But this guy knew how to meditate and how to teach it. It nourished me back then and still i'm practising some forms of what i learned though these were not invented by him! Recently i found some new and more transcending methods:

Good question: when is a person Godrealised?!

Well you have to see and decide this for yourself! Over the years i've come to realise there is no such thing as static Enlightenment. It is not an asset but A CONTINUOUS PROCES in my view! Also Chinmoy states many times that today's realisation is just the starting point for further progress. However I do not see eye to eye with not being able to FALL back as he claims.

If you have let Chinmoy occupy your inner territory one needs time and effort to assimilate this information. All in all i think he was as close to truth as he could be. This does not mean he (re-)presented absolute truth all the time. Also his claim he was not able to make mistakes is a false one in my view now. That is an important one!

He himself truly believed he was a fully realised soul and as such he could not make mistakes. That everything he did was unmistakenbly coming from the highest possible plain of conciousness. In my eyes this immediately contradicts also with needing outside knowledge. He had to be informed about a lot of things. Had he been as evolved as he claimed to be, this would not have been necessary in my vision of things. OK, some things could be considered trivial but then again when he needed to know there should be the godrealised shortcut available to him of knowing it directly. This whole spying-game is more spiritual sick then those absorbed in may believe.

Maybe it's the biggest FAULT to think/believe to make no faults at all. The 'Enlightenment' trip. One can gain a lot of energy from that, when everyone is focussing on you believing it is like that. It inflates the ego. This is especially possible when one believes he doesn't have an human ego at all (which is perfectly in line with believing to make no faults). Chinmoy did not make personal CLAIMS officially: always stating it was 'The Supreme acting in and through him'.

It is also the philosophy which eccompasses some FALSE ELEMENTS. It also most certainly contains valuable concepts and practises (which he didn't invent but rather collected) to me indeed (all disciples collected these experiences). But it is BASED ON IDEALISM. Thus overruling the personality. Encouraging your will to live in his image. He believed he had a "divine ego". This socalled "divine ego" is a cunning concept which i call a sound example of spiritual misconception. To me, in my eyes now, this is impossible, incorrect and leads to dictorial behavior.

PUSHING IDEALISM is also not the same as developing conciousness. That would be based on what is actually present, hidden in the subconcious levels, made concious. This has to be brought up and furthermore examined. PROGRESS was being measured as in how far you succeeded to become your ideal picture. Or better said: his idea of your perfect picture (in general terms) which as a disciple one internalised.

He got stuck in his own IDEALISTIC philosophy with all these BEAUTIFUL AND POWERFUL words... But basically based on willpower. Hardly any exploration of reality-connected feelings coming from (own) experience. Denying the human shadowside. Therefore this sex happening was inevitable i believe.

So according to me Godrealisation or Enlightenment is no static thing to obtain and remain. It is a continuous process! In yourself. By going your OWN WAY. Following a guru is a detour if you stay too long and fail to translate concepts and examples into your very own path!

I agree that his path was also VERY BEAUTIFUL many times. Especially the singing: like angels. However i also have heartfulfilling experiences without Chinmoy. It is about being spiritually aspiring yourself! About being open and saying YES to life!

Of course it was our own choice to (aspire to) become one. The BOTTOMLINE = we wanted to believe!

The question popping up WHY we were accepting Chinmoy as our guru is an important (and personal) one. Me i bought into the statement he would take responsability for my 'Godrealisation'. I remember i actively dismissed my thought that it was not possible that another person takes ultimate responsabibity for your life. Not at all in line with being a "spiritual warrior". After careful evaluation i realised it turns out to be  one of many 'spiritual' lies. I do still think Chinmoy believed it himself. For me it was a kind of relief to not have to take so much responsability for myself. In the end it is a trap however. One cannot escape it and you better do it right. You have to learn to do it. Otherwise you end up surrendering to the whims of another.

Blind belief (in his perfection and philosophy) is a serious error. A detour for not having enough faith in oneself (and having your being being connected to higher self directly and intimately). One/we/i should LEARN TO TRUST ourselves, sharpening judgement for our own decisions. Believing in the necessity of our own processes as well. This aspect is connected strongly to instead following the religious "savior program", which was actively activated by Chinmock's claims. Why not directly by the way?? It was said this was an ardious process, full of mistake. Yes we have to LEARN it, it is a capacity to do so, to become able to handle the force. By actually doing this you can really grow instead of just staying a follower of someone who believes and claimes not to make mistakes... You can manifest your own goddriven work! Cultivate more confidence that can be spiritual expression too!!

Being a disciple was also appealing to our own wish of being special (which in return is a mask for a deeper feeling of being unworthy which is activated by further rejection in early life). If one really would be the student of a man with the stature of Jesus or even higher (which is actually claimed) than that would not be a chance to be missed! Like this many people were persuaded to become disciples. When someone is a disciple one doesn't want to have made a wrong choice so the choice has to be right and will be defended. I was dismissing signs that didn't fit. It may not look like a big thing but this Ranjana woman (a "first-class disciple") was winning the sportsday every year. Actually a trick was played by not allowing younger disciples to participate. But this contradicted strongly with one of the pillars of his path: that the ego had to be battled. I chose to ignore it, deciding it was not important enough to think aboutit.

Another sign that did not really fit the perfectionpicture was his fat belly. Not to make fun of but it does look strange for a man who claims (evertrancending) perfection.

Feats of tempting strength
Was it for real? Back then it was kind of mindblowing. I read that he even didn't belive it himself. I must admit it did help to persuade me into his path...

The weightlifting adventure took him up to about 700 pounds: he was just able to move this weight a bit, by far not really extending it. Then he jumped to the tenfold of that. So now i believe that the 7000and a kinky bit-pound lift indeed was a hoax.... And i do agree that: "extraordinary claims need extraordinary proof" which was not provided when this easily could have been done with good videoshootage to start with). In 2011 a short documentary was produced called: CHALLENGING IMPOSSIBILITY which even won some awards. But no word in that about the 7000p-lift. There is hardly any evidence other than a few pictures...
From more distance it's like Sai Baba performing 'magic'...
I did never really like this Baba-character. But now i do see many similarities with Chinboy. They may JUSTIFY THIS CUNNING BEHAVIOR for themselves as being a necessary means (likewise the way official laws were being dismissed). By believing that people want or need these kind of action to persuade them into 'the spiritual life'...

How do you measure progress? It's on you! Is it real progress in expanding conciousness of what is happening in the (inner and outer) world (and even beyond)? Is it only progress in your capacity to manifest his expressions? This way disciples used to justify staying. Or by appreciating how far one is able to push certain qualities (like obedience, surrender, 'unconditional' love and so on). If (groups of likeminded) qualities are isolated, not in equalibrium on an larger scale, they disrupt one's personality in my opinion.

Now i consider accepting a whole philosophy to be undoubtly true as a kind of mental lazyness. Everybody who left this path will have to plough through his/her own beliefs all over again! I don't know if you need a platinum plough this time or simply some sound barehanded common sense. I do believe it is not necessary to vow your hands doing prayer. It was in the ending days of my own discipleship that vowing hands became obligatoire. I didn't like it to be a rule. To me it became one of accumulating signs his path was not good for me anymore. I stopped falling into the enforced surrendertrap. i Dare go as far as stating that 'taking a guru' is a form of immature behavior. But this could be necessary for some time. His path was good for beginners in spirituality. May who left early enough to not totally overrule their own personality, still exercising healthy discrimination, gained substantially from a path like this i guess. They performed on strength of their invoked aspiration. Prolonging that in more personal efforts.

It is for sure: i do not wish to enter his very own spirit place. Likewise i don't want to enter into Christian Heaven. There is not much difference between those. No go areas to me: something far from ultimate realisation!! More like a trap for a mass of believers (followers by the thousands...). I prefer to return to the starsystem from where my soul originated.

WHAT is The Supreme?
Yes it was 'easy' (with an edge!): embracing a kind of complete philosophy to be true. This is another trait coming from religious programming: believing that one particular path presents the whole truth.

Leaving Chinmoy means we have to get back to our own judgement as to decide what is truth! This is a longterm task. And one that never ends too. It requires continous work. This is not in line with western 'culture' which is very much about going on and on and on denying healthy reflection. Contemplating about the essence of God is part of this. Again this is rather personal and it would take too much space to go into detail on this. However some thoughts about it.

The different definitions of God from big religions are indeed not that different. They also have in common that they make people to worship them, FEELING futile about themselves (and at the very same time cherishing pride about being chosen: into the right religion they believe...). Now i don't wish to propagate an inflated ego. But hey: Godrealisation is not about staying small!

A God who wants/needs/prescribes/seduces to be worshipped is a demonic entity in my view. The Fear of 'God' which was even bragged upon at some time ago in history. Rulers are always presenting themselves as the good guys, you should take that also into account. So to me the God from the Bible as well as for instance Allah are entities who present themselves as ultimate creators, which they are not. In reality there is -according to me and others- a lifeforce which is truly unconditional, it's just there/here. So all these quite rigid rules can never be a direct expression of that. However that is the primitive force, indeed available to all. Now -through more evolved conciousness of what we do with this force we can learn to better direct it. Into what we prioritise and prevail i believe.

An important aspect about how one can view or consider God: this view has to be linked to the very structure of our universe. That is how we can also falsify these religious Gods. For creation is so much bigger than earth and our solar system. With many kinds and forms of life (nowadays i even believe that many solar systems are influencing the earthscene (we do receive their light, so suble imprints are possible) and are responsable for the marvelous multitude of species present here). Almost no information about that in Chinmoys work! So much for ultimate conciousness!!

Just a few more personal reflections. Our very sun, being just one of millions of stars in our Milky Way, provides UNCONDIONAL light. It shines for everything here on earth, providing energy to everything, no matter what. Think about that. According to science there are many millions of Milky Ways. To me being confronted with such multitude, it makes sense that these can be considered as being paralel universes in a way. Then again there may be multiple universa (containing each so many Milky Ways)! So here we have something reaching to infinity. That leads to the conclusion there are Gods/Creators on many levels. To believe that 'the ultimate creator' has a fixed rigid set of rules for humans to live by is sheer blasphemy in my opinion. Not more than a human projection. To be believed by sheepy people.

I'm interested in what others think about this and also personal procession of the Chinmoy philosophies.

I still love the message of selftranscendence! BUT CHINMOY DID NOT INVENT THIS. His path was a PERSONAL SELECTION from elements of Christianity, Buddism and Hindoeism along with some other and own creative influences. Presenting it as perfectly true whilst always dropping the disclaimer that 'The Supreme was ever-transcending'. HE DID NOT APPLY THAT TO HIS PHILOSOPHY. This was kind of blueprinted in "BEYOND WITHIN, a philosophy for the inner life". However it was HIS path indeed: Sri Chinmoy’s Path.

CORE ESSENCE is IDEALISM. Being perfect. This is an important aspect to reflect upon. Quite masculine also in performing this. Exercising willpower as dominant trait (including the will to surrender) in my experience. After all he was also called "The Power Guru".

I notice he did CREATE A RELIGION despite his talking that his path would not become one, i heard him say that. His path shares many of the same characteristics.

-Speak only truth: everything they say is socalled true
-Bring the whole truth. Even claiming to be a quintessens of all paths/truth: this claim is not unique to Chinmoy's Path: also many contemporary ‘spiritual paths’ do perform this trick.
-Define definite definitions of good and evil. Propagating dogmatic ways. To be lived after. In reality all qualities are not absolute but relative: a very important difference.
-Taking some kind of reponsibility for your soul
-Deliver salvation through following that specific path
-You need them and thus Urge to follow! Chinmoy did for sure, didn’t know it was that serious, as being more part of outside rings i didn’t notice this so much. They are demanding blind faith and OBEDIENCE.
-promising reward in afterlife/next incarnation;
-provide for the supposed need of special personal for establishing a personal divine connection. Priests and the whole bunch come in here. Guru's fit into this same category.

So religious programming of mankind which has been going on for millenia provides for these mindsets. Chinmoy was in line with these, he used them too.

At the same time, now i address more to debunkers, we were no complete fools. It was our own efforts which provided genuine spiritual experience. With religions this is also the case. They of course also embody truths which are appealing and sincere efforts to live by them thus produce results.

This path was quite dogmatic, no way of peaking against the allpowerful guru. And as such in line with general religious and also political brainwashing = obey the rules. Revealed by songs on catchy music like:
♫He that is not with me, is against me♫. This sentence was supposedly a quote by Jesus, believe it or not.

Further enforcing characteristics include:
-performing and presenting outer 'miracles' ...
-masterfully using poetic language which is appealing and very much multi-interpretable: everyone can project their own fantasy on this. It simply sounds great. One becomes eager to accept it all.
-discouraging critical thinking, even attacking the mind itself as being unescapable unreliable. Yes, the mind can be tricky, i know. But the mind can also be illuminated! It has to be trained and examined, so that the personality becomes gradually really aligned.
-attacking the ego, 'the little i',compelling it to surrender (it is propagated that that is the proper thing to do) instead of going though a CONSTANT illuminationprocess on a personal basis. This attack is disempowering independant personality which is the base of more solid 'God-realisation' as i see this now: embodying divine qualities as shown in daily life!

K.O., let's get juicy! Because SEX is indeed abused a lot and isolated from love and healthy devotion does not mean that sex itself is bad. Come on: it is the way we enter earth!! Making love is an art!!! Provided you do use it wisely this vital force can boost spirituality. Me myself had to go through a lot of different personal experience to be able to collect this insight, but now it is real.

OF CURSE you can indulge too much in (isolated) sex! In many cases that is a phase to live through, coming to your own conclusions. Everything can become an addiction if not guided careful enough (by yourself: through maintaining a healthy ego i'd like to add): sleeping, eating, shopping, working and... meditating! I think i was ADDICTED TO MEDITATION during my Chinmoyperiod. It made me empty again. But where did the stress come from? If you do not tackle that on a deeper level through investigating yourself through following your very own reactions (including taking feedback), it will remain like that: building up stress coming from your own personal twists (not the least because of the difference between who you are at the moment and what you demand yourself to be: the idealistic pictures to live after) and then meditate this stress away again for some time. Plus becoming dependant on this superficial way to 'transcend'.

As i see it nowadays religion and porn go together, they are alternate allies. Because of the rigid view against sex, sex is renounced by religion-fanatics. So they are not developed in their view and experience. But then rigid religion gets cast away and one then easily falls into the opposite: indulgence in a primitive way. I do mention porn here because the stories about Chinmoy performing sex are more feeling like PORN than about making love. Also i became interested in porn and even enslaved to it for some time after Chinmoy. Before maturing further!

In the end it is not so strange he did it. For in his philosophy sex was kind of put aside: stating it was only a lower vital force of nature. That it was something which could destroy your spirituality according to him. It had to be conquered at all time, you had to always be on guard. That’s not too different from the old religious dogma which says  that sex is bad. Sex as an enemy. In this area Chinmoy was far from being illuminated. Check his life in this line: as a boy he was driven away from normal exploration, straight into abstention and possibly even used to secretly practising (given his possible earlier relation with Alo D.)?

The art of making love was not explored at all, even not in his own escapades. The way he performed is in line with his being: not too experienced in making love. Tantra is an enormous spiritual adventure itself, libraries full of that and he just puts that all away with few words. Whilst cultivating a HAREM himself...

Of course you can SUBLIMATE the vital sexdrive into work (which is also a common addiction in our society). Working harder to manifest the Supreme (as defined by this Guru) through your actions. I bought into it because at that time it was a kind of relief to not have to be in doubt about it. I had performed like a firm handfull of onenightstands and enjoyed one serious girlfriend before but the idea it was now all clear was appealing. An appealing trap i should correct myself.

So proper sex should better be honoured as a valuable force that increases the power of healthy sound spirituality. Then again it is about purity! Don’t forget that purity actually means: one thing, no pollution with other things. So oneness can be felt through unity with a chosen personal(!) partner. In the heart many times this was Chinmoy for all disciples. With a well chosen partner it is possible to reach deeper fulfilling levels: this is a quest and a challenge. I’m working on it, for it does mean having to look inside myself too! Choosing a good partner requires discrimination to be able to do this well.

What he did was VERY BAD. These people spoke out bravely and honestly! It must be taken into account there are probably many more ´cases´ (more female victims). And i certainly believe more than a few close disciples who liked this special treatment. Because he made them feel they were advanced and chosen disciples, directly appealing to their ego... He played it smart! Like a great POLITICIAN!!
He practised DOUBLE STANDARDS. However I still strongly believe he believed in his own JUSTIFICATIONS. Otherwise basic sincerity could not have been maintained. But was he progressing? Reality shows he was becoming more and more demanding instead of compassionate.

I feel he stayed as close to truth as possible, unconditionally(...) believing he was (re-)presenting ultimate truth. The (unofficial) claim from Chinmoy that he was JEFFERSON in a former incarnation sounds true to me, well it might be true. Jefferson kept slaves, this was not so long ago! He did important work to diminish slavery but kept own slaves till his end. Chinmoy felt at home in the U.S., possessed masterstatus in using English and was also acting like an experienced politician.

For me it is interesting to wonder about what he was thinking/believing when he did all this. I must state this part is speculation. Something like: 'i am faultless, so it is the Supreme who is commanding/dictating me and i am UNCONDITIONALLY surended to Him (...). So it is The Supreme working in and through me'. He was like this believing he was simply performing what The Supreme wanted, God's Will... Strange God who is overruling people like that...

I think he truly believed this was then a "special blessing" for "advanced disciples". He told them he was helping in purifying their vital. O yeah, praise The Lord or should we say The Ruler... So he believed in an elite. And as such the standard philosophy (no sex) in that way could still be valid to the masses (of diciples) with 'less developed conciousness'. This should lead to the conclusion that blind faith and unconditional surrender are major f-ck-ups.

Artur Smith tells the story that the Krishna-character appeared before him and told him to have gopi's. I feel it can be his own desire which makes this 'appearance' happen: he wants it to happen. Maybe that particular appearance of Krishna was not too illumated as well about sex?

Or was he nullifying his good KARMA in order to end his cosmic game? I don't believe so. These actions are not coming from the highest spiritual point of view, he just choose to believe so. He simply didn't walk his talk. However I do think karma is more than a kind of scoreboard, as other religions like also Islam claim. But honesty is definitely involved in it!

Then again it wouldn't have been so bad if he had only taken woman who wanted him as much. Then there would be some kind of equality. It would have been only taotally hypocrite (not changing his general philosophy to the outside world), now it was also really criminal (overruling the will of people).

For me i see his sex indeed as a serious form of INCEST. In the publicised testimonies one exdisciple defines it like that and i do agree. We have an fundamental unequal situation. Bound by secrecy. And even paying money for it. How low can you go?! Well even lower as a story tells that when the woman would become pregnant she should not even tell him... So much for responsability.

It all adds up.
Asking for money ("love-offerings!") from longerterm disciples fits into the emerging picture. I heard this during celebrations where i was present, they were asked to give 100 each to hem, receiving an extra blessing (wow!) in return. Taking money from the bank could have looked more suspicious. He paid his chosen sexslaves as stated in the testimonies. I call it a form of slavery because many were a kind of pushed to do so and always when he wanted it, not the other way around.

One was supposed to surrender on his path, following orders from the guru: because he was a socalled godrealised soul who knew everything better. No equality, any criticism was supposed to come from an unilluminated ego... It was always your fault in that 'vision'. NOT!

Madal's behavior in this aspect could even be labeled as being "satanic". Because of overruling the will of another person. A kind of compelling agressive persuading. Chinboy was EXPRESSINGLY USING THIS SURRENDERTALKING to get women so far when they were hesitating (obeying the rule of celibacy!) and saying: "this is my oneness with you", also saying his was purifying their vital andso.

When i do try to move into the mind of (a certain amount of) the women involved it truly becomes a sick story. This is horror!! But in the end the whole guru-play taking disciples to enlightenment is a lie in my vision. At the end of his life he was still pushing the blind obediencestory to the limit:  nr 10.LINK

From my outsider perspective and a fun point of view the sentence uttered by Chinmoy to a woman he was having sex with: "i am a brute" makes me laugh: i can easily imagine him saying that. From the victim's point of view there is no comic edge, it was an crime. He took advantage of woman who devotedly surrendered their life to him. You could call this a weakness. I state that it is also his propagated philosophy which is wrong. Very much in line with old religious programming concerning sex.

I think victims should NOT FORGIVE this man. It seems like a spiritual deed to forgive. In my vision the danger of the Christian way lies in forgiving on forehand, before doing the work of real inner research. That did not get much attention either on the Chinmoy path.

One step further, but too far for the victims, is that it is better he did it. This sounds like a bold statement but it is meant more subtle. For it becomes clear that indeed this philosophy is one repression of sex. It's far from being ultimate truth! If you feel you should: SPEAK UP! I do still love this one:

(So) CELIBACY IS NOT THE HIGHEST SPIRITUAL POINT OF VIEW in my view. When sex has been misused indeed celibacy can be true medicine for some time. But generally i feel sexual power and sexperience should be INCLUDED in true spirituality, for real spirituality needs to encompass all of human components. Sex is one very important vital force!

MAY IT BE CLEAR: making love with another person (including sex, but not only that) can be a ultimately fulfilling experience of ONENESS. I'm glad i experienced this! While knowing that all experience on earth is relative and always temporary. My conclusion is that making love can be utmost spiritual. That depends on both partners.